What is Enrichment?

Our Enrichment structure is a broad-reaching elective structure that will provide learners with opportunities to connect with their passions, alongside teachers who share those passions, and the greater community.  There will be three Enrichment rotations of 9-10 weeks long (roughly matching the reporting terms, providing some turnaround time for selection and placement). Each teacher in the school (and perhaps the administration as well) will offer locally-developed courses, examples of which could be Hockey, yoga, specialized cooking, language courses, craft courses, entrepreneur courses, community service opportunities, training (ie. babysitting course), and anything that is approved through Board policy.  We are hoping to connect with parents/guardians and the greater community to truly enrich our learners’ experience with this structure.  

How does Enrichment work?

Enrichment block occurs every Wednesday morning.

On Wednesdays, our regular learning schedule will be set aside for Enrichment courses to run.  Learners will be able to sign up for either one “full morning” course (approximately 140 minutes), or two “half morning” courses (approximately 70 minutes) each term.  Courses will meet in a specific location in the building, but may also include field studies off site to further deepen the learning, place the learning in context and connect with our community.  Please note that some enrichment offerings may include an additional cost to parents.

Learners will go through the process of signing up for Enrichment opportunities three times per year, allowing them to be apart of multiple Enrichment courses per year and allowing teachers to be responsive to the passions and interests of your children as they get to know them throughout the school year.

Click here for more information on learner timetables and school structures.

What’s next?

Enrichment sign up:

Your child will be bringing home the list of enrichment opportunities being offered at the beginning of each term.  Learners will be asked to prioritize their choices (ie: 1st Choice, 2nd Choice, 3rd Choice, etc.). After learner schedules have been created, your child will receive their enrichment schedule for the term prior to the start of the term's enrichment.

Please note that learners' choices are NOT being processed on a "first come first served" basis. In compiling learner choices, we will be trying to give learners their first choice whenever possible. If some options are oversubscribed, we will randomly select learners to participate in those enrichment courses.