Canyon Falls Middle School opened on September 3, 2019.  In our opening year, we focused on welcoming two grades of students (grades 6 and 7) from our Mission-area feeder schools, Anne McClymont Elementary, Chute Lake Elementary, and Dorothea Walker Elementary.   In the 2020-2021 school year we will expand to include grades 6 to 8 and this will be our final school configuration. Canyon Falls is the first middle school to come to the Mission community, and has been designed with 21st Century Learning at the forefront; powerful communities of learning will be created and fostered to ensure that each student is stretched to their full potential.

Learning Community 1.jpg

 For inquiries into the school, please take time to peruse the website.  Please do not hesitate to email the principal, Mr. Laird (jim.laird@sd23.bc.ca), the Vice-Principal Mr. Ward (ryan.ward@sd23.bc.ca), or the school's inbox (cms@sd23.bc.ca).  

For other updates, please follow us on Twitter:  @CanyonFallsSD23