The role of the counsellor is to help learners with academic, learning and personal issues.  This support can be in the form of social/emotional support, personal guidance and connecting to community resources.

Counselling is available to learners at Canyon Falls Middle School in a variety of formats depending on the learner's preference.  Our counsellor, Mr. Bridges, can meet with learners in their learning communities during instructional time.  For more private conversations the counsellor has access to an office in the Learning Support Centre as well as a calming room in the Welcome Centre.

If a learner needs help during the school day they are to go to the Learning Support Centre (located on the main floor across from the gym) where the BIT CEA will help direct them to the appropriate service (Counselling, Behaviour or Learning Support).

Parents or guardians and teachers can also refer their child/learner or request a meeting via a phone call (250-870-5123 ) or email (