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Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

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The goal of this section of our website, as it is with every school in Central Okanagan Public Schools, is to document our school's learning journey as professionals.  Educational researcher Helen Timperley writes that "an instructional leadership mindset includes an intense moral purpose focused on promoting deep student learning, professional inquiry, trusting relationships and seeking evidence in action."  The story of our learning will incorporate all elements of Timperley's words.  In doing this, we will work
 collaboratively with staff, learners, learning network partners, and parents/guardians, and we will document our learning here in an ongoing, meaningful way.  

At Canyon Falls Middle, our favourite educational quote is from educational researcher Jim Collins: "Good is the enemy of great."   We will be striving as a whole school learning community to do something truly great by moving forward with many of the current best practices in our School District to create rich learning environments for students, educators, and the community. 

Our year has been an exciting one with unexpected challenges and triumphs.  In opening, we have worked hard to build a true sense of community, connecting children together in multi-aged cohorts with tight teams of outstanding teachers.  To engage with our parents and guardians, we have involved them every step of the way in the design of the learning environment (Spring/Summer 2019), and then in ongoing learning sessions and transparent learning tours.  Our goal is that families partner with us in our learning journey, and are better connected to their children's learning than ever. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting regular classes for the final term, our planned learning journey was certainly disrupted.  What we have been able to do as a staff is collaborate deeply, begin our visioning process for the school, and deepen our understanding of how to build community and how to put learners at the center of their experience. 

If you are curious about what we are working on now and moving forward, please take some time to explore this section.
(UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  Updated June 9, 2020)