Learning Sessions

June 3, 2019:  

Our first learning session took place regarding current trends, research, and practice related to 21st century education. We learned and shared together about how shifts in education are working to better prepare our learners for the future.  Jamie Robinson, District Principal for Leadership in Learning and Innovation was guest speaker.  Please click CMS Info Session 1 Agenda June 3.pdf for a .pdf copy of the agenda, click CMS Info Session 1 Slide Deck June 3.pdf for a copy of the slide deck, and here to view to a TEDx talk we watched by educational leader, Will Richardson.  Thanks to the parents/guardians who took time out of their busy schedules to have a rich, deep conversation about Canyon Falls Middle School.

June 10, 2019

Our second learning session took place at Chute Lake Elementary.  We reviewed of our first meeting (trends in 21st century education impacting the physical and philosophical design of Canyon Falls), and then moved into the upcoming structures and systems in the school in a FAQ format, followed by Q&A.  Thank you to all the parents, guardians, and Canyon Falls students who attended the session to engage in the conversation.  Please click CMS Info Session 2 Slide Deck June 10.pdf for a copy of the slide deck, click here OECD - Nature of Learning.pdf for the OECD's 'The Nature of Learning' article that we referenced, and click here Innovative Learning Environments Handout.pdf for the ILT handout on Innovative Learning Environments that was  also referenced.  If anyone is interested to dig deeper, please explore the 'Resources' section of our website where we've been compiling current research and articles helping to guide the design and vision of the school.  

June 26, 2019

Our third learning session took place at Chute Lake Elementary.  Thanks again to the school for being so accommodating knowing that we are awaiting our own building.  It was an amazing turnout of nearly 80 people - learners, parents, guardians, and staff.  We examined data related to interviews and surveys from all three groups related to hopes and dreams, learning, and staffing for Canyon Falls Middle; we worked alongside each other trying to find out what mattered most to all three groups in the opening of our school.  As the principal, I could not be more impressed with the curiousity, the hard work, and the laughter as we came together to do this important work which will bridge to next year's learning and engagement with our community.  Please click on the meeting agenda found hereCanyon Falls Session 3 Agenda.pdf  and the meeting slide deck found here Canyon Falls Info Session 3 Slide Deck.pdf to find out what was done.  If you are interested in reading the survey and interview data in their entirety (all identifiable information has been removed as was discussed in our session) please click the links here  Students Interview - Responses by Question.pdf  Parent Survey - Responses by Question.pdf Teacher Survey - Responses by Question.pdf  When the final categories and themes by question have been processed, information will be posted in our Learning Plan on our website which will help chart our school's learning course.  Thank you again to all the members of our school community who took part! 

August 26, 2019

Today, we had our wonderful community into our building for two orientation sessions.  Our learners connected with each other and worked with Ms. Klinger, Mr. Tonn, and the Canyon Crew.  Ryan and I, with the support of many teacher volunteers, worked with our parents and guardians to share information about the school, and to tour the school.  Ryan's presentation can be found here Parent Orientation - Aug 26 - Ryan.pdf .  He shared about some of the logistics that parents and guardians can expect at Canyon Falls.  My presentation is located here P_G Presentation - Aug26 - Jim.pdf and I shared about some of the background philosophy and research that led to the creation of our school.  We were overjoyed with the turnout, the positive energy, and all the kind words from our community.  Canyon Falls will be a very special school community and we cannot wait to get started!

October 29, 2019

Tonight, we held our first Parent/Guardian learning session where we wanted to start a discussion around what learning could be at Canyon Falls Middle.  With our teacher curricular leaders (Ms. Klinger, Ms. Harvey, Mr. Tonn, Mr. Ross, Ms. Buchanan, and Ms. Hidalgo) and Mr. Ward (VP) four different learning provocations were planned to dig into our driving question.  Please see the attached agenda here Parent_Guardian Learning Evening 1.pdf and a template presentation for the evening's provocations here Parent Guardian Learning Evening 1 Template.pdf.  Please note that each of the different learning provocations are not included in the template.  For those who attended, we would love your feedback:   http://bit.ly/CMSLearning1

November 6, 2019

Tonight, we invited parents and guardians into the school to discuss the topic of Communicating Student Learning as it relates specifically to reporting processes at Canyon Falls.  Thank you to the parents/guardians who attended this session.  Jamie Robinson (jamie.robinson@sd23.bc.ca), the District Principal of Learning Leadership and Innovation, led the session with school administration.  Attached is the slide deck for those interested in what was discussed: CMS CSL Nov 6.pdf.  We shared the still-in-progress reporting template that teachers at CMS have been working tirelessly on.  Please click on the current template here:  Sample CMS reporting template Nov 6.pdf.  

January 28, 2020

Tonight, due to requests from parents and guardians, our curricular leaders and Exploratory/specialty teachers, alongside admin, planned six different interactive sessions with the goal of achieving the following three goals:  (a) introducing our Exploratory/specialty teachers to parents (b) showing how the different curricula (Foods, Art, Drama, Tech, Music, and French) intersect and integrate in the learning experiences of learners, and (c) demonstrating learning in a hands-on way.  As with all our learning sessions, we know that interactive sessions where we are "doing" together are more powerful.  Attached is the agenda that was provided to families which lay out our learning sequence for the night Agenda For Parent Learning Meeting - January 28 FINAL.pdf

March 3, 2020

Tonight, again due to requests from parents (we ask for feedback and suggestions for future sessions each meeting), two different sessions were run.  The first session was a repeat of the June 3rd and November 6th session put on by Jamie Robinson (jamie.robinson@sd23.bc.ca) my myself.  If you'd like to see previous slide decks, they are linked to above.  We dove deeply into the "why" behind educational shifts around the world that are reflected at Canyon Falls:  BC curriculum, shifts in assessment practice, learning communities, and whatever else the attendees were curious about.  The second session was led by our six curricular leaders examining the "how and what" of pedagogical design at Canyon Falls - how do teachers use the curriculum and content to design rich, interdisciplinary learning experiences that still focus on deep understanding of core, foundational knowledge and skills.  Attached is the agenda for the evening: CMS Parent_Guardian Learning Session 3 Agenda.pdf