Start Up Meetings

This section documents meetings regarding PAC related topics prior to startup, and leading to the formation of our school PAC:

The Canyon Falls Middle parent/guardian community was invited to come together on May 15 in OKM's library from 6:00-9:00pm to start the process in forming our first PAC for the 2019-2020 school year.  Sarah Shakespeare (COPAC president) was in attendance to work with our parents/guardians in the creation of our new Parent Advisory Council.  Any parents/guardians of incoming students (current grade 5 and 6 students from our three elementary feeder schools - DWE, AME, CLE - as well as parents/guardians of students enrolled from other schools) were invited.  Please click CMS PAC Introductory Meeting - May 15 Summary.pdf to find a pdf version of the overall presentation from the evening.

Our second meeting was held on June 13th in the OKM library from 6-8pm.  Thank you to the wonderful parents/guardians/students who attended this meeting.  We came together with Sarah Shakespeare (COPAC President) to have a conversation around other school constitutions and bylaws in advance of drafting our own PAC constitution/bylaws once we have formed our PAC in September.   To see the meeting agenda, please click Agenda for DRAFT Constitutions Bylaws PAC Meeting - June 13 at 6pm OKM.pdf.   To look at the small slide deck that Ryan and I made for the meeting, please click CMS Pre-PAC Bylaws_Constitution Slide Deck.pdf    Please click the following links to access the other PAC constitutions we discussed:  ANNE_McCLYMONT_PRIMARY.pdf  CLE_PAC_CONSTITUTION__BYLAWS_SEPTEMBER_2012.pdf  Constitution April 19th 2004.pdf

The next steps for the CMS PAC will be asking the Board of Education to pass a motion to officially sanction the forming of our PAC at the September 11th Board Meeting.  This step cannot happen until the school opens.  When this motion is passed, then our next meeting date can be set, likely toward the end of September so that all parents can be notified with plenty of notice.  We will need to draft our constitution and bylaws.  We will then set a nomination meeting, and all parents/guardians need enough time to put their nominations together and ask questions about PAC commitments etc.  Sarah Shakespeare (COPAC) will be working with us through this initial process.  Have a great summer!

We are so excited that as November 5, CMS officially has a PAC.  We will be working with our new PAC to re-invent this part of the website.  Please stay tuned, and congratulations (and thanks) to the amazing parents who volunteered to lead in our opening year.