Assessment and Reporting
(2018) This eBook from Dixon and Richardson discusses the need to shift current assessment practices in classrooms of the 21st Century.
(2014) Wiliam speaks about the vital role that ongoing, meaningful formative assessment plays in deepening student learning over time.
BC's curriculum orientation guide.  This .pdf from the Ministry of Education provides an overview of our province's curriculum.
A summary of the curricular competencies used by educators around British Columbia.
Please  check out this video explaining our reporting template at Canyon Falls.
(2005) This OECD policy brief goes into detail about the importance of formative assessment to student learning and answers some commonly asked questions regarding assessment practice.
(2014) Wiliam's paper on assessment and student learning presented at the annual American Educational Research Association symposium.
(1999) This article by Alfie Kohn summarizes many of the reasons why assessment has been changing in schools over the past two decades. 
(2019) Assessing the Impact of the Central Okanagan School District's Innovative Learning Environment Project
SD23's interim guidelines for communicating student learning guiding assessment practice in all sites in SD23.
SD23's assessment policy from the Board of Education.