Middle Schools
Based on the AMLE (Association for Middle Level Education) pivotal research on adolescent learners (2010), "This We Believe", this chart lays out a one page overview of the characteristics of powerful middle schools around the world.
(2019)  This article is a summary of a report from the National Alliance for Engagement-Based Education.  They discuss innovative schools and the importance of relationships and engagement for student learning.
(2019) This is the full report referenced in the summary paper included here looking at the importance of engagement  and relationships in schools.
A mission statement from the AMLE (Association for Middle Level Educators) from middle school teachers.
A chapter from Leyton Schnellert's book, titled "Teaching and Learning in the Middle Years: Diversity As Strength."
(2009) This groundbreaking study examines the drop in 'intellectual engagement' in Canadian students.